We create original ideas or help you transform your ideas into a film. It often starts with summarizing the basic idea in text. Then we find a visual look that works best with the subject.

We create a storyboard so you will get a better view of how the story will work. This can be any film, not just animation. It can be for presenting an idea to a customer or to use in a live action film to make the  shooting more organized.

A film needs characters. It could be a very simple design or more complex depending on how your story is and what you want to achieve. We work in different styles so you have different options to choose from. We can also adapt an existing design for use in animation.

Often you need backgrounds. There could be flat shapes or locations.  The background and its colors create the atmosphere.

We work mostly in different 2D techniques. It could be graphic motion with limited and simple movements or full animation aimed for TV and cinema screenings. Within our network, we also have 3D graphic designers and animators available.

In the end everything has to be put together in a good looking style. Sound and music are needed. The process of making a film is a story of its own. We work very transparently and prefer regular feedback from our customer so we are both satisfied with the final film.