How much does it cost?

It's almost impossible to provide a general price since every production has unique conditions.
I have defined three different levels of costs for a production.
1. Low.
2. Middle.
3. Advanced.
  1. You have a finished idea for the film. The speaker script is almost done.
  2.  You know pretty well what kind of film you want and have some loose ideas, but it all needs to find a form. We will create a text script together with you.
  3.  You want to make a film about something, but you don't have an idea of how it will look. We create ideas and write a script.
  1. You already have a storyboard, or the film is so simple that a storyboard is not needed.
  2. Your story is simple and not very dramatic. Your film will present and/ or explain something.
  3. You want a short film that gives the audience a dramatic experience. Advanced cutting is needed.
  1. All your artwork is complete, and you can send us files. We will probably have to prepare the artwork for animation before adding it to the video.
  2.  You have a good idea about how it will look. You might have a few sketches or reference images. We create artwork based on your ideas and make them ready for animation.
  3. You have no idea about how it will look, but you know what you want the feeling to be. We start with rough sketches and together with you we create new and unique artwork.
  1. The animation is very simple, more like motion graphics. Not much variation in expression and movements of the characters.
  2. The characters have simple riggs/ skeletons and are cut-out characters which means that artwork is reused and animated with keyframes and transformations.
  3. This is full animation. The characters have more personality and it has a feature film quality to it. But within this option there are big differences, from the simplest kind to the most advanced.
  1. You only have one kind of sound, narration or music. Or maybe some of both.
  2. You have a narrator, music and sound effects.
  3.  There are several characters speaking, so you need many voices. The music has more variations. Sound effects are designed to make the experience fuller.
  1. You want a video to share on social media.
  2. You want to be able to share/ show the video on different screens/ platforms.
  3. You want to show it everywhere, including cinemas. You also want to have different kinds of publicity images from the video.

If you fill out this webform, we will send you estimtes of your video cost.